Are you suffering from any discomforts or limitations in your body?

Do you feel disconnected and not sure where to start?

The unique method that will help you to understand why you experience pain, how to change bad habits and take ownership on your body

Matan Levkowich, an international renounce teacher is sharing for the first time:

Embodied Living

A personal message from Matan Levkowich:

Dear fellow human!

If you are interested in living a fuller life, connected to yourself and your surrounding, being liberated from unnecessary pain and physical limitations, this might be the most important message you'll ever read...

The applications and techniques I am about to share with you are not just another fitness trend or a quick fix for a physical problem. It is a life journey that might shift your perception of who you are and how you want to live your life.

It is an holistic approach that deals with every aspect of inhabiting a living body. With unique yet simple instructions, you can stop waisting your time and money on your gym subscription or your personal fitness 'expert'.

You are going to step into a path that will be challenging yet fun, full of beautiful moments of self discovery. You will learn how your body function, what causes discomforts that might lead to injuries and how to overcome those difficulties in a simple way.

In this unique training, I am going to share with you and only 9 other people all my experience and discoveries that people have traveled from far away to come and study with me directly. And you will get it all directly to your home.

Listen, my life was not that different than yours several years ago. I too, was disconnected from my body, unaware of all the great things I can experience with living in close relationship to myself. And if you don't, there is no way to express in words what needs to be experienced directly. The simple joy of being in touch with life day after day...

If you don't invest in yourself, you will probably stay unaware of your bad habits and that will for 100% lead to pain and physical limitations (even to injuries). And the older we get, the worst it becomes and one day you loose your balance, fall and that is it - you become disabled, dependent on the support of others.

If you are still here with me, you probably understand that it is all in your hands. If you will join me for this unique journey, everything will look differently. You will understand the root of all potential change and how to embrace it to every moment. Life will not be the same thing anymore...

Yes Matan, I want take part and become a member of your unique group.

I know that this investment will enable me to:

  • Understand better my body and reduce the risk of injuries
  • Reduce physical pain and improve my overall health
  • Save time and money but reducing the need for physical therapy
  • Increase my body potential and maintain freedom of movement as I get older
  • Find joy in being physical and develop a healthier life style
  • Discover new ways of communicating and improve my ability to connect to others
  • Improve my self image and feel better about myself and my body
  • Discover new aspiration for my day to day life

How is it going to work:

I am taking a group of 10 people only to a journey of 8 weeks in which I will guide you step by step how to build a solid foundation of a physical life style and step into your new improve self.

Every Monday morning at 09:00 (UTC +2 time) I will send you a special training that will open your mind and answer your questions. And most important - help you to start connecting to yourself and your body.

Beside that, once a month for the coming 2 months, you will participate in a live training webinar where you will receive further understanding and answers for all coming questions.


1st Week: Body Awareness - the mother of all skills

2nd Week: Failing mentality and Falling mechanics

3rd Week: Into our breath - a dive to the internal body

4th Week: The power of Habits

5th Week: Playfulness - learning like a child

6th Week: Out of the comfort zone - the mental physical junction

7th Week: On training - what/how/why

8th Week: Dedication - how to keep going

* All the classes are recoded and available for rewatch at a time/place convenient to you.

After the 8 weeks, we will meet for a 3 days seminar in Vienna where we will dive into the physical practice and continue our journey together.

Now let me give you a few bonuses that each one would contribute immensely to your journey:

Bonus No.1

Free entry ticket to the yearly Movement Lab conference in Vienna

In a fun and supportive atmosphere, 3 intensive training days where you will work live with Coach Matan. A unique opportunity to receive personal feedbacks and exponentially improve your overall understanding of your body.

Bonus Value: 450€

Bonus No. 2

How to fall safely

A detailed step by step program on the topic of falling. As the number one risk factor for permanent disabilities, know how to fall properly can truly safe you from loosing independency.

Bonus Value: 297€

Bonus No. 3

Flexibility - Maintain healthy joints

A detailed introduction to flexibility. As time passes by, without proper mobilisation, we are bound to loose range of motion in our joints. This can result in severe limitations in everyday movements like lying down to bed, reaching up to grab something, lifting anything from the floor etc.

Bonus Value: 297€

Bonus No. 4

1 Hour guided training session

Not sure what to do exactly for your own training? Not sure what to do and when? This follow through 1h session will be the perfect thing for you to start understanding how to maximise your training time and how it can be done while you keep learning and expanding your capacity and not only 'working out'.

Bonus Value: 250€

Value of all the bonuses: 1294€

Currently there are two packages available for the journey and each contains the following:

Regular package

  • Life time access for the program
  • All the free bonuses
  • 2 live Q&A webinars
  • Life time access to private Facebook group

Platinum package

  • Life time access for the program
  • All the free bonuses
  • 2 live Q&A webinars
  • Life time access to private Facebook group
  • 8 personal video conversation sessions of 1h each
  • 2 written personalised training program
  • 1 extra free ticket for the Movement Lab conference

Special price for the first launch of the course:

Regular Package:


Only 497€

Platinum Package:


Only 897€

Not sure which package is for you? Write us an email to and we will help you to choose and to finish your registration.

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